Real Versus Imaginary Decision Making

What were they thinking?

Indeed, what were they thinking? The news was out. Makers Mark brand whiskey had become so popular that a serious supply shortage was looming that might take years to resolve. Because the distilling and aging process takes years, it's next to impossible to speed up production of most respectable brands of whiskey. So, meet the growing demand for Makers Mark they announced a decision to water down the product, thereby increasing supply.

Really? Now if there had been a serious consideration of that move, my two cents worth would have been to analyze an increase in price to dampen demand to a level that matched production capacity - or just leave the situation as it is and let the scarcity of the product increase its popular image. But water it down? Really.

Dumb like a fox? When legions of faithful Makers Mark fans rose up via social media (and presumably other media) to protest the dilution of their favorite whiskey management quickly thanked them for preventing such a mistake and apologized for ever thinking such an act was possible. - - - We can't know for sure. But just suppose that decision and subsequent reversal was all planned. The result has been headlines and chatter across traditional and social media, reflecting how popular Makers Mark is and how (now converted) dedicated management is to the quality of their product. A few weeks ago, how many people were talking about Makers Mark.  

Posted by Peter on 2/19/2013 4:29:59 PM