Aflac's New Campaign


Aflac is a great example of a strategic decision when naming a company. Once known as, and still officially incorporated as, the American Family Life Assurance Company, Aflac has made the most of the odd sounding name they chose. But, it's taken a large pile of advertising dollars and an irritating duck to get that job done.

Frankly, in spite of his success creating awareness for his boss, we've never been big fans of the Aflac duck campaign. However, we have to hand it to the creative team behind the new "wounded duck" series. Their new program allows multiple, diverse engagements and interactions with customers, such as sending a get well card to the duck. It's all very clever. Best of all, we don't have to listen to the duck, at least until he's back on his feet and back at work.



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Posted by Peter on 1/11/2013 3:39:58 PM