Marketing Services: Knowing what to do and doing it

The marketing support each company needs and the manner in which that support should be provided depend a great deal on the composition and character of that company. Each company has a different combination of strengths and weaknesses, of challenges and opportunities.

Sometimes all that's needed is to ask the obvious questions or view existing information from a different perspective. Other times there's work to be done in research and material development.

There is no one-size-fits-all consulting solution. Just as there is no marketing magic. Here are some of the services we can provide.

mktg services


What's the first thing someone will think about your company the first time they experience it?

How consistently is your intended impression made? We can help develop or refine professional marketing messages and images to best fit your company and see those elements of your public persona carried across all media including print, digital and packaging.

Strategic Plan Development

We can help define the role marketing plays in your company's "Big Picture" strategic plan. What are your company's goals and objectives? What are your budgets and resources? How can marketing help? There's an answer for every question. Impact Marketing Houston assists clarifying strategic questions and highlighting answers.

Market Research and Analysiswindow blinds

  • How well do you know your company and your market?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who are your customers competitors?
  • Who are your competitors customers?

Impact Marketing Houston can sift through data to develop information about your company's competitive challenges and opportunities.


In how many ways does your company communicate? Think about everything from answering the phone to sending an invoice. Include the obvious communications like advertising. Also include menus, owners manuals and other technical materials, web sites, newsletters, press releases, postcards, social media, communications to employees - the list goes on. We can help you get your prime messages across in a coordinated, concise, effective manner.

sales trainingSales Training

Impact Marketing Houston can review your sales presentations to be sure your most important message is getting through to your customers. We can review styles and techniques as well as materials to help this critical stage in the marketing process.

Customer Service Review and Enhancement

Because it is far more expensive to gain a new customer than keep an existing one, we highly value heaping Tender Loving Care on customers and watching to be sure they're happy. Impact Marketing Houston can help survey all elements of customer interaction and make recommendations to reduce turnover and improve customer loyalty.

Marketing Plan Implementation

Your company has to carry the ball. But, Impact Marketing Houston can coach from the sidelines. No plan is permanent. Most need adjusting in reaction to new events and changing market conditions. We can be a long term partner.