BackgroundExperience and Creativity

Peter CookPeter Cook - Principal

Peter is a creative individual with the vision to see new enterprise opportunities and the energy and skill to guide clients to them.

His communication talent and business experience combine to offer clients good advice on how to economically and effectively deliver their best messages to the right audience. Further, his entrepreneurial instincts help identify new opportunities and paths to greater business success.

For over twenty years Peter has directed all business activities for Juice Goose, a manufacturing and distribution company which specializes in electric power products for several commercial markets. During his tenure with Juice Goose, Peter revised the corporate image, recruited, motivated and managed a nationwide team of independent sales agents and developed new products and new markets.

Within the field of marketing and promotion, Peter has

  • designed and managed company image and branding
  • composed and produced technical and promotional materials
  • established marketing plans and supported them with materials and programs
  • developed a nationwide marketing network of independent sales representatives

Peter is a third generation Houstonian. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona with double majors in Accounting and Finance. He also earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University. Prior to college, Peter graduated from St. John's School in Houston.