Organic Growth

What else can you sell to your existing customers? A business services company built a significant and sustaining client base providing "back office" payroll and employee processing assistance for small to medium sized companies. Not only did the client companies need payroll assistance, they also were challenged by human resource issues including compensation, EEOC compliance and citizenship verification as well as employee manual publication. Recent passage of the Affordable Healthcare act provided an opportunity to provide compliance counseling and insurance resources. The most available path to greater sales is by finding new sources of revenue from existing customers.

Market Research and Testing

How do you know it works?  A cleverly designed and composed web site provides tools for parents and caregivers to communicate important mathematical relationships to young children. Or does it? It's a good idea to thoroughly test a product before launching it on a large scale. Authors and inventors are naturally in love with their creations. Maybe everybody else will be, too. But, it's best to be sure. There are always kinks and rough spots to be improved. Find a nearly natural way to create a market trial. Focus on any negative feedback. It's better to flop off Broadway that on it.

Turning a Great Idea Into Cash

How do you make a good idea pay? Composing a beautiful song, developing a fun game or writing a great book are accomplishments to be admired. But, will they make anyone money? How many apps and ecommerce web sites are there? How many generate profits? There are a few ways to monetize online traffic. But, the traffic has to come first. Even at that the compensation per individual hit can be thin. It's best to be objective about the payout potential of any intangible creation with a web based presence. That being said, there are plenty of examples of hot web based businesses that grew to huge value, seemingly over night. Predicting the winners and losers requires some insight into trends and a mix of effort, luck and art.