Impact Marketing Houston can help develop your message hierarchy.

Information outflow is necessary to keep current customers and bring in new ones.
The messages transmitted need to be a) simple, b) directed to decision makers, c) understandable and d) repeated in a fashion that will be remembered or available when a decision moment arrives.
The first step is to define and understand your audience and what you want to say to them.
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The primary message should be a very short, concise description of what your company does. This needs to convey information your audience will find useful in determining if you can provide what they need. A second line should be a short statement of your company's competitive advantage. If desired, you can also make a statement of company values and/or operating philosophy.
Here's an example of layered messages
that efficiently describes the company, its service and its competitive advantage.
Each of message makes sense on its own. Yet, the full communication about the company only comes through when all are considered. Note, the entire message took only three statements. Following the message is an invitation to act.
Deeper into the communications can be emotional appeals
  • images of a happy family living with their beautiful new floors, or
  • the good feeling you get hiring a contractor you trust.
But, the basic, essential message about what your company does must be conveyed.

Advertising vs Selling

As consumers and twenty first century citizens, we are all familiar with several different processes for finding customers. Most of our experience involves advertising. Advertising is expensive and inefficient and works best when it's aimed at the right market segment and maintained for a long, consistent period of time. Notwithstanding the company that successfully bets its future on a single 30 second ad during the Superbowl, it would be a surprise to see much of a response to a single advertisement placed anywhere.
Advertising makes more sense when the customer base is large and therefore difficult to contact
individually. For smaller businesses in smaller markets, especially in business-to-business
markets advertising may play a much lesser role. In these cases, nothing pays off faster and more
economically than contacting potential customers directly. This direct, personal contact creates an
opportunity to present a well crafted, polished presentation under a much more controlled
environment than would be available through advertising. The depth of this interactive sales
opportunity allows real time reaction to a prospect’s comments and questions and may even allow
a demonstration or sample of the product or service.

Depending on the market, your company may be reaching the final consumer through independent
agents or resellers. If that’s the case you need to provide sales training and tools to your sales

If there is a technical component to your product or service you should provide technical
information to users and service personnel. These need to be carefully drafted to convey the
necessary information in terms that can be understood by the user. You also need to have support
available for the times those instructions are not understood.