Customer Service

Well done is better than well said. - Benjamin Franklin

The most important thing your company can do every day to increase sales is provide better customer service than your competition. All sales and service professionals should be properly trained and given autonomy to engage with customers and provide immediate resolution to a broad range of customer needs and problems.

Love Your Customers


Show them your love. Make sure your customers are aware of your dedication to them. In addition to benefitting from your high quality business operation and service, your customers should be constantly reminded why they do business with you. Don't hesitate to communicate that. And be sure to listen to them as well. Create an easy two way channel of customer communication so you can be sure you're winning and maintaining their loyalty.

Under promise and over deliver.



Handle Problems

When problems come up - and they will - face up to them quickly and with courage. Communication is key! Most of us realize sometimes people make mistakes and sometimes products fail. Most of us are very forgiving of such situations so long as we're treated fairly and the problem doesn't repeat.

There are many examples of great companies facing a storm of problems head on and able to survive and prosper. Johnson & Johnson may be the most classic example with their Tylenol recall decades ago. More recently there have been Toyota and BP (which had some public relations blunders but faced its challenges nonetheless). How many companies have successfully turned away from a disaster?

Develop Relationships

Customer relationships are about solving problems or creating positive opportunities. Products and services are merely the tools used to do that.

Look for ways to expand and strengthen your customer relationships. If yours is like many companies, you offer more than one product or service. Yet, probably most of your customers purchase a single or limited number of items. Expand relationships with existing customers by making sure they're aware of everything you sell. You can do that with newsletters and email contacts. You can also pro